Dimpled Gen. Purpose LT/Weight Pad 500x400

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  • General Purpose Lightweight Pad 500mm x 400mm
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  • Use these to replenish your spill kits

  These pads are simply the toughest, softest and the most absorbent on the market......What’s noticeably different?

Although the thickness is probably the most noticeable benefit of our pads, there’s more to it than that....
To start with, a layer of heavy weight ‘spunbond’ material to the top surface gives the pads a stronger and better looking finish. The middle - a specially developed, high loft, inner core of meltblown polypropylene. The underside is a layer of heavy duty fine fibre coverstock, designed not to slow down the rate of absorption.The dimpled, bond points are evenly spaced, they give the pad extra strength, meaning it won’t tear so easily.The perforation through the middle makes them economical. Tear them apart for smaller leaks or, double them over for extra thickness. Roll them up for those hard-to-get-to situations.
All these features combine to give the pad market leading performance.
Remember the colour coding - make the right choice for the job. If it’s general purpose, go for grey pads. If it’s a chemical spill, go yellow. If it’s oil or fuels, go white.