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Installation is only available in Southern Tasmania
Installation is only available in Southern Tasmania

Welcome to Euro Signs and Safety

At Euro Signs and Safety our team are here to work with you to meet your signage needs.

Choose from a large range of signs we stock or our graphic designers can create a custom sign to capture your vision, from a small decal to huge banners.

We also stock a large selection of worksite and roadside safety products as well as retail flags and frames for signs.


At Euro Signs we can design and produce signs on a variety of substrates, printing either directly onto the substrate or via a self adhesive vinyl.

We use UV protective overlaminate films with up to a 7 year UV rating. We also produce laser etched signs, labels and tags.

Delivery and security

Can I purchase online through your website?

Yes you can; Australia Post & TNT are used for shipping. Max. limits for AusPost pricing are: Length 105cm, Weight 22kg & Volume 0.25m3. Over that TNT is the only option.

Shipping for oversized signs can be arranged via other
couriers. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

'Click & Collect' is also available for in-store
pick-up, or you can organise your own freight.

Is your website secure?

Absolutely. All card payments are processed via Stripe & PayPal.

You will see two transactions for your order. The first is
an Authorisation, then once we've confirmed the order details the purchase/payment will be processed.

Custom signs

At Euro Signs and Safety our team is here to work with you in order to meet your signage needs.

We can design a new sign from
scratch, develop your ideas into a sign or simply print a sign using any appropriate artwork you may have.


Choose your sign materials.

Signs can be produced using a variety of materials and methods. The best one for you depends on where and howyour sign is being used.  Note that all signs are not equal. Australia has some of
the highest UV ratings in the world. The production of long term exterior signage needs to account for this.  Cheap signs are unlikely to last and therefore may not represent good value for money especially when taking into account installation costs.

Just some of the factors you need to take into account when considering which sign is best for you:

Temporary or Permanent – how long will it be up for?

Indoors or outdoors?

Direct or indirect exposure to the Sun and for how long each day?

Will it be seen close up or from a distance?

Condition of existing surface to
mount the sign, if applicable?

Cost verses value? At times a lower cost sign will do. For more permanent signs, especially if they are harder to
install, the best quality longer lasting signs may be the most cost-effective sign for you. Installation costs are a significant cost, the less often you need to replace a sign the less you spend on labor.

Please contact us if you are unsure what type of sign is best for your needs.

Artwork Requirements for custom signage:

In order to avoid the extra costs of graphic artists preparation costs, you can supply your own pre-prepared art work.

However any files supplied must meet acceptable standards to ensure the quality of the finished product:

What file formats do we accept?

  • Adobe Illustrator EPS file
  • PDF file generated from Illustrator Photoshop or Indesign ("Press Quality" settings).
  • Hi-Res JPEG for images/photos
    (100dpi minimum).
  • NOTE: Computer-Cut Vinyl work requires outlined vector paths. (Raster images cannot be used).

How should I setup my artwork?

  • Please make sure ALL fonts are outlined.
  • Convert strokes/curves to paths.
  • Embed any images or provide the files for linked images.
  • Setup your artwork at 100% scale where possible; large artwork scale down to either 10% or 50%.

General Signage Questions:

  • How do I remove existing lettering or vinyl decals?

Removing computer cut vinyl from vehicles or other surfaces requires it to be gently heated. This softens and releases the adhesive. You can achieve this using a hairdryer or a heat gun on a LOW setting. Alternatively, leave the vehicle or surface in bright warm sun for a few hours before attempting to remove. Remove glue residue with prepsol or a citrus glue remover.

The older and more UV affected the vinyl, the harder it
will be to remove. Pull off what you can using the heating method and then use a recommended glue remover.

  • Can you reuse my old metal sign?

Generally, the time spent removing lettering and/or glue
residue from an old sign will work out to be more costly than using new substrate. However we recognise the environmental benefit of re-using existing materials

Large scale signs with digitally printed faces may be suitable to be refaced with a  new print laminate. However it is essential that the existing sign is flat, in very good condition and without any blemishes as they will show through the new face.

We are happy to advise if required.

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